The Western Cape based series; Alert Engine Parts GTi Challenge, is by far the most intense and fiercest main circuit formula and produce action packed racing up there with the likes of national formulas. Although the series is considered one of the most cost effective formulas to compete in, motorsport in any form can turn out to be quite a money pit when running at the front of the pack.

So it goes without saying that all competitors along with their individual sponsors invest hugely to produce the finest calibre of racing in the Mother City, and even in the country. However the competitors cannot produce their racing without the help of the committee and most importantly, the series sponsors. Although Alert Engine Parts GTi Challenge is a small yet growing club series, the racing produced is cut throat and thrilling to say the least.

The drivers literally have the crowd on their feet & amped; commentators screaming over the PA system as the racing remains close from flag to flag. This series is a controlled series with all 3 classes running the same tyre. The Dunlop Direzza semi slick tyre provides superior grip in conjunction with advanced longevity giving the competitors a bang-for-buck solution. Made possible by Dunlop who needs no introduction and also a leader in the tyre industry.A special grade of the semi-slick Dunlop tyre is supplied in small to medium quantities to the series via ATS Motorsport Supplies which allows the competitors to purchase tyres through the committee at affordable pricing.Thus making the series about driver skill and not about the tycoon with the biggest bank balance.
The committee would like to take this opportunity to express a huge word of thanks for all the series sponsors of the 2022 season. Without the generosity and support of the sponsors, the finest racing formula in the Western Cape cannot exist.


2022 Sponsors:

Alert Engine Parts, Powder Coating World, Tacsteel, Upstream Connect, Hydracor, Cheaper Cars, Emergency Glass.