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News - 1 August 2015

So the 1st August Women’s day race meeting dished up a few twists, namely huge crashes in a few classes but not GTi Challenge. The closest we got to wrecking a car was Nian du Toit’s over enthusiastic attempt to warm his tyres up on the out lap in qualifying which resulted in him clipping the inside wall on the exit of turn 3, for which he is now our reigning “flop of the month”. Qualifying was very short for some reason with most drivers getting in less laps than they normally do which resulted in some drivers being a…
Friday, 14 August 2015 08:35

Driver of The Day - 1 August 2015

Meet Scott Hayes our driver of the day. Managed a 3rd place win in heat two. He was involved in a serious accident, which practically saw his car written off at the beginning of the year. He fixed it, and came back stronger. Keep an eye out for this man on the track.
Friday, 14 August 2015 08:15

Flop of The Day - 1 August 2015

Nian du Toit, Is unfortunately the flop of the day. We give him this award, because during qualifying he managed to lose control of his car and rear end it into the wall, some of you may remember this. He managed to get his car ready for the 2 heats and went on to drive extremely well, fighting with Jano Van Der Westhuizen.
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News - 4 July 2015

Close racing is what crowds love to see & GTi Challenge did not disappoint at the 4th July Race meeting. For some the race meeting preparations got kicked up a notch. Jarred Simpson one of our 2015 Rookies found that out the hard way. At Official Practise on the 27th June he dropped the left rear wheel off the circuit on the exit of turn 3 & proceeded across the circuit to become very well acquainted with the tyre wall at turn 1. Needless to say his car was about 30cm shorter than when he pulled it out of the…
Monday, 13 July 2015 13:25

Flop of The Day - 4 July 2015

Jarred Simpson On the other hand ended up wrecking his race car the weekend before the 4th July. In a practice session. His team worked almost through the night to get his car race ready again. So for that he gets the flop of the month award.
Thursday, 09 July 2015 13:19

Driver of The Day - 4 July 2015

Craig du Toit, Our driver of the day for the race meeting 4th July. The man broke his lap record and then went onto break his own lap record again. Well done bud.
Friday, 20 February 2015 00:00

New Year, New beginnings

With the new season starting, Gti challenge has been gearing up, for what can only be said to be an all out battle. Some battles were not settled at the last race. And also there were a few camps that were upset. But now in challenge there are a few changes. New committee, New drivers and old drivers moving up classes. New blood in class A is Marco Busi. Last year's class b champion. He will driving the old red jetta of Jacques Geldenhuys. Colin Nicholas Meder also driving the old polo of Ismail Patel. The likes of Brett Roach…
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News - 14 March 2015

Nian du Toit dominated both heats, Kosie Weyers showed off his brilliant talent giving Nian some serious competition. Unfortunately Kosie suffered a mechanical failure during the race. Capitalising on Kosie’s failure was Chris Swart (SpongeBob) and Stiaan Kriel. Nian simply drove away from the pair, while they battled it out for 2nd place. In Race 2, Nian again stamped his authority firmly. Kosie was now relegated to the pit lane with irreparable engine damage. Nian kept his head and drove to an easy victory. Spongie on the other hand kept Stiaan and Bessie Bester at bay to take honours in…
If there’s something that the GTi Challenge championship has become known for during the last decade, it’s that you can always expect top-notch thrills, spills and action from this single-manufacturer Western Cape regional category. Bold Marine have taken up title sponsorship of the championship for the 2015 and the season-opening round at Killarney Raceway would turn out to be a day which would put their name on the motorsport map with a bang – quite literally. Qualifying saw Nian du Toit taking pole-position in Class A with a lap time that was 1.2 seconds faster than that of fellow front-row…
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