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Busi Brothers Day of Domination

Busi Brothers Day of Domination

A spectacular and action packed 6 th round of the always exciting Bold Marine Gti Challenge was on the agenda of the

Wingfield Motors Power Series at Killarney International Raceway.

The competitors were greeted with a wet and greasy track as it was back to business in the pit complex as each driver

conducted checks to their vehicles in preparation for the qualifying session. With a slippery surface the lap times showed

as the pace was dramatically slower than normal.

Class A had a rather strange incident even before the start of qualifying as Jurie Swart Jnr (Alpine Autohaus Polo Classic)

was unable to make it to the grid for qualifying after the ex Engen VW Cup campaigner clipped a concrete block at

scrutineering. Swart Jnr had a light bump on the head but after a brief examination by paramedics, the latter was

deemed fit to compete however his vehicle came off a little worse for wear.

A damaged driveshaft and bent lower control arm meant the team had their work cut for them to get the vehicle ready

for the 1 st heat. After some running around and frantic activity in the pit bay, the vehicle was repaired and officials

deemed it safe to compete.

Pole position for heat 1 went to Shane du Toit (KSD/Skilpadvlei Wine Farm Jetta II) as the ace was unfazed by the

slippery track surface. 2 nd in class went to series sponsor Arthur C Roberts “The Russian” (Roberts Racing Jetta II) as the

Roberts threw caution to the wind in the slippery conditions. With Swart Jnr unable to post a time, the latter was

relegated to back of class for the start of the 1 st heat.

The lights went out as du Toit got the holeshot for turn 1 with Roberts and Swart Jnr in hot pursuit. Swart was

determined not to let du Toit run away at the front and sliced through the field like a hot knife through butter. His

immense pace paid off as Swart Jnr crossed the line in P1 with du Toit hot on his heels. The chase was short lived as on

lap 2 du Toits engine let go going down the back main and resulted in the end to his day.

Roberts was once again plagued with misfortune as on the very same lap The Russian lost drive as the gearbox gave up

the ghost and force Roberts to retire his vehicle. With Swart Jnr the only car in class, the young gun settled into a steady

groove and controlled the pace to cross the line in P1. This was just what the doctor ordered after the early morning


Roberts returned to the pit complex and was on the hunt for a gearbox change before the 2 nd heat. Roberts’ gearbox

issue was resolved in the form of Jurie Swart Snr who loaned a spare unit to the series sponsor in a bid to get his vehicle

repaired and back on the grid. Roberts was dealt another blow when The Russian was sent to the back of the grid due to

his DNF in the 1 st heat.

With Swart Jnr & Roberts the only 2 cars in class, The Russian had the mammoth task of negotiating his way to the front

of the pack and challenging Swart Jnr for the lead. The lights went out for the 2 nd time and Swart Jnr set off at a steady

pace monitoring his rear view mirror for the appearance of Roberts’s vehicle. The Russian put in a master class drive as

he worked his way through field lap by lap chasing down Swart Jnr. It was a magnificent effort by the series sponsor but

Roberts was unable to catch up to Swart Jnr by the time the chequered flag came out.

It was another double victory for the lighting quick Swart Jnr who delivered a faultless performance with Roberts in a

well deserved 2 nd position.

The battle in Class B again went to the wire as current class champion Eden Thompson (Somerset Refrigeration/MAD

Performance Golf I GTi) and ex overall champion Jacques Geldenduys (Ferroli/G&A Motorsport Golf II GTi) were pegged

as favorites for class victory.

It was Thompson who struck first as the current champ took pole from Geldenhuys and the ever improving Wayne Field

(Coetzee’s Auto Coachworks Golf II GTi) rounding out the top 3 of the small class B field. Taking the final spot in class

was newcomer Grant Cloete (Upstream Connect Golf I GTi). Cloete joins the series as a competitor who previously

competed in the bikes category made the transition from 2 wheels to 4.

As the lights went out Thompson got the dream start and opened up an early gap to Geldenhuys who got stuck behind

some class C cars on the start line. Geldenhuys then had another moment as the ex champ went off on the inside of turn

4 to avoid clashing with a class C competitor who briefly lost control going through the same corner.

Thompson delivered a splendid drive as the current class champion took a flag to flag victory from Geldenhuys with Field

taking the final spot on the rostrum and newcomer Cloete rounding out the class. Field had another eventful heat as the

2016 rookie was knocked from the behind by a class C competitor on the start line. Field then suffered another blow as

the latter spun in turn 1 on the 2 nd lap which further ended his challenge for victory.

For the 2 nd heat it was Geldenhuys who came away with pole as the ex champ was determined to make up for his 1 st heat

loss, with Thompson in P2 and Field & Cloete completing the class.

It was Geldenhuys who capitalized on his improved starting position and got the hoelshot going into turn 1 from

Thompson, Field & Cloete. Geldenhuys was determined redeem himself and opened up a small margin to Thompson as

the 2 fought at the front. Geldenhuys extended his advantage over Thompson with each passing lap and was rewarded

for his brilliant performance as the ex champ took victory in the 2 nd heat.

Thompson began to drop off towards the end of the heat and later discovered that the wiring of the fuel pump came

loose and would cause the vehicle to surge when going through the corners. Even with this issue Thompson still manage

to bring his vehicle home in a delightful P2 with Field claiming another podium and Cloete having a trouble free run to

end his Gti Challenge debut with 4 th overall for the day.

The action in class C was nothing short of breathtaking as the Busi brothers dominated both heats to claim the top spots

in class.

In qualifying it was current overall champion Bryan Morgan (Greatsoft Payroll Golf I GTi) who came out tops as he took

the fight to current championship leader Marco Busi (Automan Golf I GTi) with ex supercar champion Brad Wadeley who

stunned the field by putting his car 3 rd in class. Placing 4 th in class was Jarred Simpson in the 2 nd Greatsoft Payroll Golf I

GTi with youngster Dario Busi (Automan Polo Playa) rounding out the top 5.

Morgan made a lighting start as the lights went out for the 1 st heat and got the holeshot with Marco and Simpson

slotted in behind the champion after Simpson drove around Wadeley on the startline. Morgans lead was cut short as the

current champion experienced fuel surge issues and was passed by Marco coming out of turn 3 on the opening lap.

Another surprise was Dillion Joubert (TAC Steel/Powder Coating World Golf I GTi) who also made a lighting starting from

6 th in class while young Dario managed to get away cleanly and hang on to the front runners.

Young Dario was determined to challenge for the lead but over exceeded the limits of his vehicle as the youngster had a

massive moment in turn 4 as he put his Polo completely sideways. Fortunately no contact was made with any other

competitors and the youngster managed to recover successfully. Current champion Morgan lost out big on this incident

as the champ had to drive around the outside to avoid hitting the youngster. Morgan then pulled into the pits and

retired from the heat which was a monumental blow to his championship fight.

Once the dust had settled it was still Marco in the lead with Simpson right up on his back bumper as the 2 opened up a

slight gap to the rest of the field while Joubert had worked himself up into a delightful P3. Young Dario then sat steady in

a comfortable P4 as Christopher Swart (Jacks Paint & Hardware Edgemead Golf I GTi) was locked into a tussle with

Wadeley for 5 th position.

The leaders were looking to be having a really good scrap at the front as Simpson fancied his chances at a class victory

with Marco pulling out all the stops to keep Simpson at bay. This tussle was short lived as Simpson suffered a nasty twist

of fate when his car just lost power coming into turn 1 on lap 3. A faulty emergency kill switch “killed” Simpson’s

chances of a class victory but luckily the latter managed to get his vehicle going after dropping way down the field.

Having received a gift as a result of Simpsons, Marco settled into a smooth rhythm and maintained his lead with Joubert

being promoted to 2 nd in class and Young Dario in a delightful podium position. However the youngster was on a mission

to make up for his earlier moment as set about catching Joubert as he drove the wheels off his Polo. Dario pushed with

each and every corner and slowly caught up to Joubert. On the final lap Joubert took a wider line on the entry into the

final corner and Dario lunged at Joubert which saw some minor contact between the 2 protagonists as Dario claimed 2 nd

position from Joubert.

As the chequered flag beckoned it was Marco who crossed the line in a comfortable P1 with younger Dario in P2 and

Joubert with his first podium for the season. Swart was the man to claim P4 in the scrap with Wadeley as the 2 swopped

positions throughout the heat in a closely contested dice to the line. Wadeley narrowly lost out as the ex supercar

champion was a mere 0.019s off Swart at the line.

Alfie Van Zyl (Union Signs Golf I Gti) also had some issues during his race and the 2016 rookie was involved in a startline

incident with class B competitor Field as Van Zyl rear ended Field after Field was unable to select 2 nd gear. The 2 then had

a good dice when on lap 2 Field spun out and Van Zyl took evasive action in a bid to avoid contact however Field clipped

Van Zyl and this caused the left rear tyre to rub against the body work. Van Zyl then retired at the end of the lap to spare

the tyre and repair the car for heat 2.

There was a change in the starting grid for the 2 nd heat as Dario exerted his dominance over the older brother Marco by

coming away with pole and Simpson placing himself in a superb P3. Wadeley was the next competitor in a strong 4 th

position with Joubert completing the top 5.

As the lights went out it was both Busi brothers who got off to a flying start with Simpson, Wadeley & Joubert latched

together for turn 1. Marco then got the holeshot coming out of turn 1 as young Dario attached himself to the rear

bumper of older brother and opened up a slight margin. Simpson, Wadeley & Joubert would not give each other an inch

going into turn 2 and Joubert just nudged Wadeley as the ex super champion closed the door on Joubert. The tussle

heated up even more as the 3 warriors were 3 abreast coming into turn 3. Simpson held the inside line and edged ahead

of Wadeley and Joubert going into 4.

The Busi brothers were in a class of their own as the Young Dario was glued to the rear bumper of his older brother and

looking to challenge for the lead. Marco drove defensively and threw everything but the kitchen sink in a bid to break

the tow but Dario handled his vehicle like a pro. The 2 brothers were locked into a fierce battle throughout the heat

when on the final lap Dario refused to play second fiddle to his older sibling. Dario then went for the inside line and

pushed Marco wide coming out of turn 5 and went on to cross the line in P1 with Marco narrowly crossing the line

ahead of Simpson who was in a lonely P3 for most of the heat.

After the incident between the 2 brothers the CoC then penalized Young Dario for an unfair pass and the victory was

handed to Marco with Dario relegated to P2. Another double victory by the championship leader sees him extend his

lead in the overall championship with only 4 rounds remaining.

Joubert put in another amazing performance to come home in a delightful 4 th position with Wadeley completing the top


It was yet another dreadful round for the current champion Morgan as the champ sat in parc ferme and could just watch

on as he saw his title chances slip away. Swart also retired on lap 2 of the heat after a worrying rattle developed on his

vehicle and the ex champ was unable to compete further.

Further down in the class another smooth drive and splendid drive from 2017 rookie Ian Kapp (Hydracor Hydraulics Golf

I GTi) awarded the ex karter a 5 th overall for the day. Another super special entry in the form a lady racer Nadia Nair (Golf

I GTi) also made her Gti Challenge debut. Nair is the first lady driver in 2 years since Wendy Aucamp and also had a

wonderful day in her machine. She will definitely be one to watch as she embarks on a new venture in her motorsport


A good day for Team Automan as double 1, 2 sees the leading driver extend his lead in the championship and younger

Busi jumps a few places on the championship log.

With another cracking round of the Bold Marine Gti Challenge wrapped up, the masses were treated to another

scorcher from the Western Cape’s most wildly popular series.

Be sure to diarize the next round as the championship heads into the closing stages which is scheduled to take place on

Women’s Day Wednesday 9 th August at the Killarney International Raceway.

- Written By: Byron Wanza