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Cape Gti’s to Excite Killarney Masses

Cape Gti’s to Excite Killarney Masses

The Bold Marine Gti Challenge series heads into Round 6 in conjunction with the Wingfield Motors Power Series at the

Killarney International Raceway on Saturday 01 July. The crowd can look forward to some 1 st class racing as the

competition is set to turn on its head as the competitors take to the black stuff for that all elusive victory.

Last time out in Class A it was none other than Jano van der Westhuizen (Wingfield Motors/Kwikfix Polo Vivo) who came

out on top as the young ace took a double victory over the close chasing Jurie Swart Jnr (Alpine Autohaus Polo Classic)

and Shane du Toit (KSD/Skilpadvlei Wine Farm Jetta II).

Although it was not without controversy as van der Westhuizen destroyed the clutch on his vehicle during qualifying

which would see the star relegated to the back of class for the start of the 1 st heat. With the demise of van der

Westhuizen, Swart Jnr claimed pole alongside du Toit sharing the front row.

However Swart Jnr also suffered some troubles during the 1st heat as the ex-Engen VW Cup campaigner retired on the

5 th lap with gearbox issues.

Suffering a monumental blow after a 1 and half year sabbatical from racing was series sponsor Arthur C Roberts “The

Russian” (Bold Marine/Garden Master Jetta II). Roberts had just landed from Singapore on the Friday morning before

race day and was eager to get behind the wheel of his new machine. Having completed a few laps around the circuit and

getting to grips with the new vehicle, The Russian was set to stamp his authority on the Class A brigade.

Roberts headed out for qualifying and immediately put the hammer down. However on lap 2 of the session the engine

let go in spectacular fashion and resulted in the end to his day. Looking to put this return woes to bed, The Russian will

looking to make a strong return on race day and throw a spanner in the works amongst the pack leaders.

Another returning driver is John Craig Jnr (John Craig Motorsport Polo Vivo) who did not compete in round 5. Craig Jnr

showed amazing potential in the opening rounds and with 2 podiums added to his track record, the youngster is not to

be taken lightly. Craig Jnr will definitely be looking for some redemption after missing last round.

In Class B the championship fight is mighty close with current class champion Eden Thompson (Somerset

Refrigeration/MAD Motorsport Golf I GTi) and ex overall champion Jacques Geldenhuys (Ferroli/G&A Motorsport Golf II

GTi) tied for the lead in class. With the 2 involved in a close dice each and every heat this season, it will no doubt be the

battle to watch in class B as both drivers look to come out with class honours on race day.

The only other class entrant is the always improving Wayne Field (Coetzee’s Auto Coachworks Golf II GTi) who had a

small scare last time out. Field had a great qualifying session and placed his vehicle in P4 for the 1 st heat. This good result

was short lived as on lap 3 field came together with a class C competitor and spun out, dropping down the order.

Determined to make up for the incident Field pushed hard but over exceeded the laws of physics. On the 6 th lap, Field

came a tad too hot into turn 5 and lost control of his vehicle. The vehicle then tipped over onto the right side as it came

to a halt.

Field managed to exit the cockpit unharmed with nothing more than a bruised spirit as the 2016 rookie had his first

major crash. Fortunately for Field, the vehicle suffered slight damage and could be patched up to make the start of the

2 nd heat. Putting the incident behind the belt, Field will be back in action on race day and looking for an incident free run.

Regulars missing from the class are Mario Roux (Automar Jetta II) as well as father & son duo Norman & Earl Josephs

(Silvermoon Roofing Polo Classic/Golf I GTi).

The Class C field provided some spectacular entertainment for the crowd as the competitors wreaked havoc on track in a

bid for supremacy and class honours.

Overall championship leader Marco Busi (Automan Golf I GTi) showed his hand 1 st by coming away with pole for the 1 st

heat, a mere 0.044s quicker than current overall champion Bryan Morgan (Greatsoft Payroll Golf I GTi) with younger

Dario Busi (Automan Polo Playa) completing the top 3. Making a strong return was Jarred Simpson in the 2 nd Greatsoft

Payroll Golf I GTi after Simpson missed the previous round and ex-champion Christopher Swart (Jacks Paint & Hardware

Edgemead Golf I GTi) rounding up the top 5 in class.

Continuing where he left off, Marco checked out as the lights went out and opened up an early gap on the chasing pack

which saw Dario, Morgan, Simpson & Swart involved in a 4 way scrap for 2 nd position. Simpson was the man on the move

as the timesheets showed Simpson to have the fastest lap times before an error in turn 5 saw Simpson run wide and

drop down the order.

It was a troublesome first heat for Team Greatsoft Payroll as current champion Morgan in the leading vehicle was unable

to match the pace of the leading pack and fell back into the clutches of Swart who passed the champ and set about

catching young Dario. Swart got amazing drive coming out of turn 5 and saw the ex overall champion barrel down the

main straight neck on neck with young Dario.

The young gun just managed to cross line ahead of Swart at the start of lap 6 when the red flag was dropped due to the

Field incident in turn 5. This then meant it was a Busi 1, 2 in class with Swart completing the podium. Morgan managed

to hold onto P4 while Simpson made a splendid recovery to come home 5 th in class after the latter’s earlier off.

It was roles reversed for the 2 nd heat as young Dario managed to pull one back from older brother Marco as he came

away with pole with Morgan completing the podium. Simpson and Swart completed the top 5 in what was almost a copy

of the 1 st heat with the Busi brothers swopping positions.

With Dario on pole and looking for his 2 nd class victory, the youngster pulled up to the grid ready to wage war the top

brass in class however, a surprise on the startline dented the ace’s chances. Class B competitor Geldenhuys lost first gear

and stalled on the line, this left Dario in a tight situation as the karting warrior clipped the right rear of Geldenhuys’

vehicle as he took evasive action in a bid to avoid clashing.

This incident allowed Marco to get the holeshot with Morgan, Simpson & Swart also passing young Dario. Swart chance

at victory was then ended on lap 2 as the ex champion made contact with Jaco Lambert (BGA Auto/Paint Chemistry Golf

I GTi) leading onto the main straight. This saw Swart drop down the order and out of victory contention.

At the front it was still Marco who led from Morgan and Simpson in a closely contested 3 way affair for the lead. Marco

seeking a double victory was pushing his vehicle to the limit when the championship leader came in way too hot for turn

4 and saw the ace go completely sideways. Busi did exceptionally well to avoid a spin and managed to bring his vehicle

back under control. Morgan narrowly missed running into Busi as the current champion then inherited the lead from the

championship leader with Simpson also capitalizing from Busi’s moment.

The 3 front remained close throughout the race with the tussle becoming so intense that it would see Busi, Morgan &

Simpson coming into turn 1, 3 abreast and coming out the other side without making contact. Busi refused to lie down

and soon passed Simpson for P2 in a bid to catch Morgan. Simpson did not take this lightly and reclaimed 2 nd position

from the championship leader and wanting to make up for his 1 st heat error.

However Busi knew that he had to soften the blow to his championship lead as he then passed Simpson for the final

time to take back P2. As the chequred flag beckoned it was current champion Morgan who reigned supreme with Busi

and Simpson completing the podium. Dario recovered brilliantly to finish in P4 with Brad Wadeley (Charl Electrical

Engineering Golf I GTi) completing the top 5.

It was a hard fought P5 for Wadeley who was involved in a last lap incident with Lambert which saw Lambert’s vehicle

veer off to the inside of the circuit coming out of turn 5 and Lambert making solid contact with the wall. This left

Lambert’s vehicle demolished and unable to finish the heat. To add insult to injury, Lambert was given a yellow card for

his driving conduct during the 2 nd heat.

Newcomer Divan Lazarus ( Golf I GTi) made his debut in the series as the youngster made the

transition from oval to main circuit. The rookie put his oval racing skills to superb use as the ace was involved in a

bumper to bumper tussle with Dillion Joubert (TAC Steel/Powder Coating World Golf I GTi). Joubert pulled out all the

stops to keep the newbie at bay and just managed to pip Lazarus to the line in heat 1.

The 2 nd heat picked up where it left off with Lazarus attempting to drive through Joubert’s vehicle. The rookie’s patience

and fierce driving paid off as Lazarus got amazing drive out of the final corner to pass Joubert for a well deserved 6 th in

class. Young Lazarus has no doubt made his father proud and we can expect to see the ace running with pack leaders in

the near future.

Completing the class was Gideon Serfontein (Goeiehoop Onderdele Golf I GTi) and rookie Ian Kapp (Hydracor Hydraulics

Golf I GTi).

It’s all to play for as the championship now heads into the 2 nd half of the season. With standings still closely knit together

it’s still far from conclusion and anything could happen in the rounds to come. The masses will be in for another treat

come Saturday 01 July as the dogs of war go into combat.

Be sure not to miss this exciting spectacle of the Bold Marine Gti Challenge at the Killarney International Raceway with

qualifying scheduled to kick off early Saturday morning at 8:30am with heat 1 @ 12:35pm and heat 2 @ 16:55pm.

Let’s get ready to rumble!

- Written By: Byron Wanza

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